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Wipro data breach, 17th Apr 2019

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On April 17, an Indian newspaper reported that Wipro said there had been a phishing incident. Wipro admitted that its IT system had been hacked and said it had hired a forensic firm to deal with the situation, calling it “dealing with a multi-month intrusion from an assumed state-sponsored attacker”. At least dozens of Wipro’s clients were targeted during the attack on Wipro.

We are leveraging our industry-leading cyber security practices and collaborating with our partner ecosystem to collect and monitor advanced threat intelligence for enhancing security posture. We have also retained a well-respected, independent forensic firm to assist us in the investigation. In addition, we continue to monitor our enterprise and infrastructure at a heightened level of alertness Wipro’s statement added.

It is also reported that Wipro is building a new private e-mail network because an intruder is believed to have compromised the company’s e-mail system.

Source: cshub.com, Ziroh Alert #ZirohAlert

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