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Twitter data breach, 26th Dec 2022

Twitter data breach

Email addresses, Names, Usernames, Number of followers, and Phone numbers of over 400 million Twitter users, including Government officials, Business, and Celebrities, were breached and was on sale on the deep web. Hackers also released sample data from high-profile user accounts like CEO of Google Sundar Pichai, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, and popstars like Shawn Mendes.

It is speculated that the hacker accessed the information through an API vulnerability that allowed the threat actor to query any email or phone number and receive a Twitter profile.
The hacker negotiates the ransomware amount to help Twitter with GDPR-related legal action.

Targeted phishing attempts, sim switch attacks to access accounts, and doxing are possible outcomes of this data breach. These attacks will make users lose trust in a company and stunt its current growth. The influencers and content creators will ghost the platform.

Data breaches and hacks today are a big problem. But their impact in the form of hefty fines for compliance agencies and patrons tending to lose trust in the platform is a nightmare for any company.

Zunu is a product that cannot prevent a data breach, but it can definitely and completely prevent companies from going through the nightmare. This is because all data stored inside Zunu is always an end-to-end encrypted plus, even if there is a data breach, no information can be obtained from it, keeping users’ data confidential.

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