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GEMINI data breach, 13th Dec 2022

Ziroh Alert : GEMINI data breach

Gemini said that a “third-party” incident resulted in the disclosure of users’ emails and partial phone numbers.
On or before December 13, a Gemini-affiliated third-party provider appeared to have a data breach. According to a few articles, hackers had access to 5,701,649 lines of data, including partial phone numbers and email addresses, belonging to Gemini consumers. However, because some of the phone numbers’ numeric digits were obscured in the later scenario, hackers could not access them.
Names, addresses, and other Know Your Customer data were not contained in the compromised database. The number of clients affected is less than the total number of rows of data because some emails were repeated in the document. Gemini has thirteen million available users. Gemini has released the following statement in response to the situation:

Source:,, Ziroh Alert (#ZirohAlert)

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