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Novant Health data breach to Meta, 17th June 2022

Novant health data breach

1.3 million patients may have had sensitive information such as email addresses, phone numbers, financial information, and doctor’s appointments obtained by Meta, according to Novant Health. The news was made public by Novant Health, the healthcare chain comprising 800 hospitals and clinics across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Earlier, a lawsuit was filed against Meta for illegally accessing patient data from at least 664 hospital systems. In the meantime, patients have received letters concerning possible disclosures of protected health information (PHI) due to misconfigured tracking pixels.

Additionally, IP addresses, emergency contacts, advanced care planning contacts, appointment dates and types, doctors’ names, and various other information may have been compromised. There was no Social Security number in the information, however. As a result of the breach, Novant has been forced to improve its structure, governance, and policies regarding the use of pixels.

Source: theregister.com, Ziroh Alert (#ZirohAlert)

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