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Kashmir University data breach, 10th Aug 2022

Kashmir University data breach

More than a million students and employees at the University of Kashmir are at risk of a data breach. As per ‘Breached forums,’ a hacking forum, the hacked information, including students’ info, registration numbers, email, password, and employees’ details, were available on the dark web.

Hacker ViktorLustig revealed that the database is for sale for $250. In addition, he asked ‘serious buyers’ to contact him via Telegram, the details provided in his post. The hacker also shared a text file named “dbs.txt.” The post was later removed, however.

It should be noted that ‘Breached Forums’ made headlines earlier this year. Twitter user details of more than 5 million users were listed for sale by the forum. Moreover, it leaked 23 TBs of data belonging to 1 billion Chinese citizens.


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