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China’s largest data leak, 3rd July 2022

China's biggest data breach

Hackers claim Shanghai police database leak could be China’s Largest Data Leak. The database is purportedly containing information about one billion Chinese residents.

“What’s more, the BTC addresses are now marked, and the funds you can actually wash should be less than $200,000, maybe only 60%. A fraudulent call can earn millions, not to mention that you risk being hunted and killed. People outside the country cannot guarantee your safety because China now affects the whole world,” a forum user wrote.

An anonymous post claims that the hackers have an online cybercrime forum offering to sell more than 23 terabytes of database data, including names, locations, birthplaces, national IDs, phone numbers, and information about criminal cases. In addition, the anonymous hacker demanded 10 bitcoin, which is equivalent to almost $200,000.

Source: bloomberg.com, asiamarkets.com, Ziroh Alert (#ZirohAlert)

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