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GiveSendGo Data Breach, 23rd Feb 2022

Data threats don’t mean your name and identity are being leaked in today’s fast-paced world. Your credit information is as readily available as your name. It includes precise personal information of 92000+ donors per se, passports, and driver’s licenses. The possibility of misusing this data is constant. And to think that’s pretty much it, which is naive. 

Even after the initial data breach threat, GiveSendGo could not safeguard its website from future threats, leading to another data breach. 

Canada had to announce an Emergency Act to handle the Trucker-led protests. In such a sensitive time, the data breach of different campaigns portrayed threats to the public and the government.  

In a significant frame of destruction, the initial leak showed the campaign had been given roughly $9,910,144, and the new data showed that the Freedom Convoy received over $10,629,762. 

And well, it doesn’t entirely end there yet; the campaign’s founder Chris Garrah had his emails hacked and leaked as well.

When GiveSendGo was questioned if it was aware of the hack and its steps following its previous security incidents to protect users’ data, they were silent.

The Internet was built with the vision of better connectivity with people, but today, it’s turned into a black hole of misused information. 

In the end, the company had to take down its website and release a statement regarding the breach. The company tried its best to reassure users by claiming that it had “performed many security audits to ensure the security of the site before bringing it back online.”

Source: dailydot

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